Doctorate Program in Management

Doctor Program in Management

The curriculum development of the Doctor of Management Program is based on the following principles:

  • The principle of integrity of management education as an institution that functions to develop knowledge to strengthen academic education through the development of a body of knowledge in sustaining professionalism in the field of management consistently and continuously in conducting research to ensure the principle of curriculum relevant to employment.

  • Coherence between curriculum content (unity, connectedness, relevance) among groups of subjects, namely the linkages between groups of Foundation Course Skills, Expertise Courses from Study Programs and Elective Skills Courses and Final Project Writing (Thesis / Dissertation).

  • The relevance of the curriculum of the study program with the curriculum of the Faculty of Economics and Business Education - Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia lies in "learning", so the curriculum of the department has at least the linkage of content with general pedagogical knowledge, assessment and evaluation, curriculum knowledge, knowledge of educational context in the main points of content group study Foundation Course Skills, Expertise Courses from Study Programs and Selected Expertise Subjects and Final Project Writing (Thesis / Dissertation).

  • Curriculum models of the management postgraduate programs are an integrated model between the curriculum of the management program in bachelor, master's and doctoral degrees.

Course Curriculum

Prerequisite Courses